Camillo Stepanek


Artist Statement

Raised in a small village with a strong military heritage, I have been surrounded from early on by the harmony of nature. Even as a child I was inspired by the power and the beauty of nature as it reclaims the deteriorating ruins left behind by two world wars, creating a unique landscape in the process.


The beauty of detail fascinates me. The inimitably curved lines of the wood’s texture, the glow on the surface of a chestnut, the veins in a rock. In these natural shapes I recognize a profundity that tells the individual stories of the elements. By highlighting these ‘lifelines’, my kind of art bridges the gap between the memories of nature and the way in which our experiences and emotions shape our very existence.


“Creativity is a present that means both happiness as well as pain to each of us. My passion for art and beauty has brought forth in me a volcano that is kept alive by the various impressions on my life. This circumstance, together with my emotions, lets the lava rise in this volcano until it erupts. So I paint.”