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The World is My Gallery

Pop Art Nouveau – Fascination of the magical shaped line in nature

The name ‘Pop Art Nouveau’ is a combination of the terms ‘Pop Art’ and ‘Art Nouveau’ and is by itself a manifest or policy statement. This style picks up fundamental ideas of the Art Nouveau movement, like the decorative ornaments and the close relationship with nature, and fuses them with elements of Pop Art, such as the fictional simplicity and the two-dimensionality, with the intention of developing something completely new.


Upcoming Exhibitions

„Das Wanderkunstwerk"

Art Performance
October 2020 | Forelle am Weissensee

Aus allen Interessierten wird Monat für Monat ein Host in Österreich ausgewählt, der in der ausgewählten Location für ein Monat das Pop Art Nouveau Wanderkunstwerk beheimatet.

Dubai WTC

March 2021 | Dubai World Trade Center

Information about this event coming soon.

Kasematten Wr. Neustadt

May 2021 | Austria

Information about this event coming soon.


Exhibitions, Events & More

The World is my Gallery

The “walking artwork”


2020 Vienna | Pop Up Exhibition

Fascination of Lines in Nature

2018 New York City |
The Undercroft – NY Catacombs

Magical Lines in Nature

2019 Vienna | Palais Harrach | Einwaller Ateliers

Lines of Hope

2018 Vienna | Performance | „Licht ins Dunkel“ @ Jones Fashion Store

Artist’s Talk and Cocktail

2018 New York City | PH Casa Riglos


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