“The World is my Gallery!” – For the internationally established Austrian artist Camillo Stepanek, this statement is both program and mission. Already in November 2017 Camillo Stepanek created a sensation in New York, parallel to his first major solo exhibition: 

The artist put on one of his ‘Pop Art Nouveau’ works and walked through Manhattan with his ‘magic lines of nature’. The spontaneous reaction of the New Yorkers did not take long: they were enthusiastic about the event and Stepanek’s new art style and since then one New York exhibition follows another.

“Art belongs to everyone. If the public has only limited access to your art, you have to take your art to the public; and I take this literally: I want to make my art accessible to everyone. That’s why I bring ‘Pop Art Nouveau’ to the people,” says Stepanek. 

The venues this time are Vienna, Salzburg and Kitzbuehel. In Austria, Camillo Stepanek presentied his art to people in several public places, enabling interaction between his artworks and the audience.

With his “Pop Art Nouveau” – Walk through Austria he wants to set a mark:

“Art and culture are particularly affected by the COVID19 regulations: Again and again I have conversations with artists who resign. Many cultural projects that characterize our life are currently not taking place, or only in a very limited form.

With the “The World is my Gallery’ – Walks 2020″ I would like to give hope and reclaim the public stage for art and culture”. Camillo Stepanek describes his project.