2020 Vienna | Exhibition | Anker Brotfabrik | Absberggasse 27, 1100 Wien

“If someone had told me at the start of the project that “Das Wanderkunstwerk” would be on display at a construction area for a month, I would have smiled and just simply shook my head. But here at the Brotfabrik, which is currently in the process of a very special transformation from an industrial center to an art space and now to an inspiring place for creative ideas, innovation and teamwork, “Das Wanderkunstwerk” is just at the right address,” says Camillo Stepanek.

With the stopover of the Walking Artwork, a Pop Up exhibition followed at the same time. With the current Corona regulations, the exhibition was held in a unique atmosphere. International top art was presented in a construction zone, decorated by noble plants and Persian carpets on the industrial floor. The contrast between the construction place and high class art created a very special atmosphere among the selected guests. Parallel to the Art Week in Vienna, 11 Pop Art Nouveau artworks were on show at the Brotfabrik

Reference: heute.at