Artist’s Talk and Cocktail

2018 New York City | Artist’s Talk and Cocktail
PH Casa Riglos | Madison Avenue, New York City, NY 10028

“Viennese Salon” at Madison Avenue

Sabine Riglos, a patron of the arts, shows Pop Art Nouveau in her rooftop apartment with a view of the Metropolitan Opera. In the atmosphere of an Old Viennese Salon Camillo has the opportunity to speak to a gathering of selected guests – intellectuals and art lovers – about his understanding of art and the relationship of nature, society and Pop Art Nouveau.

Among the guests who take part in the ensuing discussion are Helmut Boeck, Austria’s Consul General in New York, Fredi Brodman, a successful watch designer, Philipp Charwarth, Austria’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations, and Edi Fraueneder, a distinguished chef.

“Thank you Sabine, – now I am truly arrived in New York. My heart will always remember this unforgettable and magical evening.”