2018 Vienna | Performance „Lines of Hope“ – Licht ins Dunkel
„Licht ins Dunkel“ @ Jones Fashion Store | Kärntner Straße 16, 1010 Vienna

“Lines of Hope 2018” the charity project of the internationally successful artist Camillo Stepanek is finished. Just in time at 18:00 the artist from Blumau has finished his “Lines of Hope” artwork in the JONES Fashion Shop in Kärntner Strasse 16 in 1010 Vienna.

“This week was a very successful but also a very beautiful and inspiring week for me for several reasons: Many people visited me while I was working, talked to me about my art and encouraged me on my way. Thanks to Doris and Gabor Rose from JONES, the “Lines of Hope” reception also attracted many people. I can very positively say that the reception was a great success”, says Camillo Stepanek.

After completion Camillo Stepanek will hand over his work of art to the charity organization “Licht ins Dunkel”.

Reference: meinbezirk.at